For me to understand the future of fashion and whats needed in the fashion industry, I had to acknowledge what was going on currently to find improvements in the fashion market. This knowledge came from old school and modern, to improve a fashion brand in life or create something entirely fresh, it’s essential you are aware of fashion history and communication.

My primary focus is to work towards creating my very own fashion brand. I made a decision I wanted to have my name “EMMA REGO” as my brand. I know for a business to be successful, the market needs something fresh and unique. I will create Quality clothing for ALL sizes. As a young woman I was always bullied for being tall and naturally shapely, I wasn’t your average petite blonde young woman. Therefore because my look was unique, it couldn’t help but go unnoticed. While being appreciated by the older generation and told I was classically beautiful, I was bullied for it from my age era. I knew I was more advanced in life and beyond my years. At first, this was a massive struggle for me around school/college time as I never appreciated my worth or how special it was to have a striking look rather than blend in. The ridiculous thing is, at a young age, the most beautiful, kind-hearted, individual people are the people who get bullied. Luckily I have a mum who saved me from all of this and taught me to do something incredible with my life. She told me to find the good behind it all and to realise that I was rare in the best possible way. In life not everybody likes peaches, but you could potentially be the ripest peach in the box. That doesn’t mean you try and be like another fruit to suit someone else’s taste.  I wouldn’t want to change anything about myself or my build.

I know in my heart that my beginning in life was the way it was to be able to understand what the rest of my life should be. I acknowledge my differences in a positive way. While growing into my shapely figure, I have never had a fashion brand provide me with classic, quality affordable fashion to dress myself in. I was always either covering up or the opposite trying to fit into smaller sizes just to wear Something “pretty”. The pressure to be thin at a young age is ridiculous and hideous. I knew the “plus size” industry was developing, but not always in the correct way. The fact that fashion has to have a sized label is wrong. Personally, Plus size is overrated and boring. It was introduced like a season trend, when in fact it’s more than that. What companies need to understand is that fashion is way more in-depth than what it’s currently perceived to be. It has an impact on many women’s lives, after all its what we dress ourselves in everyday. Companies need to acknowledge that beauty has no size.

I am a size 18, but not the size 18 you see on runways, magazines, shop windows or on samples on websites. I’m the gap in the market, both size and look. Fashion companies are seeking from Curve agencies a particular look. That look falls under the category of being small and having significant assets and sometimes overweight women who aren’t naturally big boned or shapely. When fashion brands look for the opposite, they also like tall and petite. But something is missing in this generation and its what I’m going to change. To use my self as an example makes everything more understandable. For some reason, height and curve don’t seem to sit in this industry. Which is ridiculous because if curves where going to be shown, wouldn’t you want to show a tall young woman grown into her natural curves at a young age? A lot of plus-size models are in there 30’s and are always to be seen modelling underwear and oversized clothing that does nothing for them. It’s still seen as a statement. I will show that women can dress their curves in pure class, without having to lose their dignity.

Fashion in the future with myself will be more developed. I will have a fashion brand ranged in all sizes, where the clothes will consist of quality and purpose. Within my brand, it’s important to me to give women tasteful fashion that is suitable for any season. The clothing materials will be natural such as cotton, flax, wool, ramie, silk, denim and leather.

The next few years will consist of me growing as an individual and having more resources and connections. My contacts will progress, and my knowledge will only become stronger. Fashion communication is a massive thing as you can’t sell clothes unless people know about it. So I will learn how to grow my social channels for this to be successful.

Ever since being a young girl I’ve always liked to be in charge. The ambition I have is something I want to take into my own hands and achieve myself. I am aware of the target market and trends that are needed. I’m not one to follow the crowd as I’m more focused on my audience and what’s necessary, but I like to take inspiration. For growth in my company I will always be aware of market trends, but in a way where it’s my own. I’ll have a brand that will fit my target audiences budget and make sure they are getting quality at the same time as affordability.  I will always remain current, and you will find most of my clothing never to be outdated. Fashion communication is a vast field to work in so It’s something I know I’d work brilliantly at, especially because I’m bringing something new to the market which makes it more effective.

I want to make every woman feel good about themselves and that they are worthy. Years down the line, I can’t wait to see the beautiful women wearing my brand.

Love Emma x


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