Photo 27-12-2017, 13 40 05Photo 27-12-2017, 13 36 44Photo-27-12-2017-13-38-42.jpgPhoto 27-12-2017, 13 37 59Photo 27-12-2017, 13 38 08Photo 29-12-2017, 17 36 13-2Photo 29-12-2017, 17 42 09-2Photo 29-12-2017, 17 38 46-2I wanted to share with you my everyday makeup routine, a lot of people love how I achieve such a natural look with warm colours. Throughout growing up, I naturally taught myself a colour chart of shades well suited to my skin. My skin tone is olive, and between you and me it’s not easy to find the perfect matching colours for your skin tone where makeup is concerned. If I was to work with pale shades, pale blushers and light bronzers etc. I would look extremely washed out, and it just wouldn’t look right. I feel I look so much better with less makeup. Generally speaking, I’ve always had a unique look, and I would never want to go against that and hide it behind heavy makeup. While growing up I’m starting to appreciate makeup even more, but at heart, I only like products that I can make natural and classic as possible.

For professional, quality makeup I always turn to MAC. Mac cosmetics has always been a makeup brand I admire. I remember the first time I sneaked into my mum’s room to try on her favourite mac red lipstick. I used to watch her put it on, and I couldn’t wait to grow up and have my very own lipstick. There are many colours and shades, yet they are all so tasteful, even the boldest of colours. There’s nothing overboard about the makeup they provide for people. MAC is well known for artistry, from famous makeup artists to young aspiring artists. It’s a makeup brand that is of all genders, skin types and ages. Mac also does the makeup on models backstage at fashion weeks all over the world, that being said… if its good enough for the runway, its good enough for us!

I’m going to give you a step by step order of what I use on my face for an everyday look. Some products are not MAC. However, my daily makeup look wouldn’t be completed without using my three favourite products from MAC in which I will mention below.


FACE CREAM: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Nourishing Moisturiser 30ml 

The lotion is a six in one multi-tasker: primer, moisturiser, make-up remover, repairing mask, an after-shave cream, and a baby-care product. Makeup artists beauty to success… I swear! I have been on a photo shoot for Loreal, and My makeup artist used this moisturiser, and on camera, my skin looked flawless! Completely makes the skin nourished and leaves it feeling ridiculously soft. You can use in the Morning and evening to clean or dry face. Make sure while applying you massage gently into the skin.



I use CC cream as It has a lighter application and texture than your typical thick, oily foundations. I like to wear makeup, but I don’t want to feel it. CC cream is an excellent product in the beauty industry as it helps cleanse skin at the same time as covering blemishes. The reason for this is because the CC cream has more of moisture than a foundation.


Concealer:  No7 Match Made Concealer

My favourite concealer of all time, a product that has worked for me and I can religiously re-place without wanting to try anything new. The No7 match made concealer I use is in the warm colour beige. My skin colour is always in the colours starting with warm. However, when choosing a concealer, you should try using a lighter tone to create brightness around the under eye. The product uniquely matches the skin, and it is an excellent coverage for any blemishes or imperfections


All things Mac 


Blusher:  Dainty Blush Mac

This blusher is my everyday favourite! I use a thin blusher brush from Elle for this application as it can be overpowering if too much is on the wrong brush. However, it builds lightly. The blusher has a unique natural look, and this is why I’ve been bringing it into my everyday makeup look for the past few months. The texture is flawless and looks good both winter and summer. I enjoy this blusher as it enhances my cheekbones and is amazingly sheer.


Lipstick: Persistence Lipstick Mac

The lipstick that made MAC famous! It’s the most beautiful shade lipstick I’ve ever come across. I find the colour to suit my complexion perfectly and it also has the most straightforward application as its incredibly smooth and creamy, without a shine. If you haven’t, already I highly recommend you start building a Mac lipstick collection. It’s priceless, and you can’t compare. All the colours are rich in formula and long-lasting. I only find myself applying it more than once if I’ve been drinking too many Starbucks! Haha.


Eyeshadow palette: Warm Neutral Mac


Colours within the palette

  • Hey: Metallic coral (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Warm Breeze: Pastel coral (Satin)
  • Gingersnap: Deep rosy pink (Frost)
  • Dark Brew: Deep chocolate w/ pink pearl (Velvet)
  • Dance in the Dark: Dark brown (Matte)
  • Brule: Soft creamybeige (Satin)
  • Vanilla Extract: Soft warm yellow beige (Frost)
  • Honey Lust: Bronzedipped peach (Lustre)
  • Amber Lights: Peachybrown w/ shimmer (Frost)
  • Saddle: Golden orange brown (Matte)
  • Lemon Tart: Metallic gold (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Creative Copper: Frosted Gold (Lustre)
  • Butterfudge: Dirty mocha w/ gold pearl (Satin)
  • Divine Decadence: Soft bronze (Velvet)
  • Unwind: Dirty olive (Veluxe Pearl)


The palette includes 15 warm shades that can create a diverse range of natural looks. All the powders are highly pigmented and have the lightest application. Generally, in a palette, there are only a few colours that can create a natural look, But this palette is called warm neutral for that purpose of providing people with endless looks. I also think this is a great starter palette for aspiring makeup artists.

To apply my eyeshadows I use Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set

Love Emma x



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