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Urban Decay is a makeup brand that’s most definitely appreciated by makeup addicts who love all things edgy and quirky. I have to say the actual brand itself is not my usual go-to. I find urban decay to be a brand that is adventurous with colours and boldness, Which in all fairness is a unique addition to the makeup industry. Given I naturally have a very bold look, I don’t always feel the need to dress my face in too many colours. I find it can sometimes clash against my complexion. When I go out to look for makeup, I tend to stick to neutral tones that suit my olive skin complexion.

When I had seen that Urban Decay had brought out an eyeshadow palette “heavy metals” I couldn’t help but notice the shades in the palette were bold and vibrant, yet there was a taste of warmth to them. I think its the shimmer in the eyeshadows itself that made the bright colours appear warmer. It made me want to try something new, so here I am writing a blog post, sharing with you a smokey, bronze evening look. To make this a whole makeup look I have also tried the urban decay illuminated shimmer bronzer and all night setting spray.

Urban decay became a hit in the mid-’90s, a time when the colours pink and red became a hit in the beauty industry. When this statement started taking off Urban decay created a lipstick line and nail enamels Influenced by the urban surroundings. Urban Decay is known as “beauty with an edge.” I can see a massive growth with Urban decay and how they always think outside the box and have a lot of development within their products and packaging. I know many makeup artists who love to create inspiring makeup looks using Urban Decay and promote the products all over the world.

UD is very well known for eyeshadow palettes and providing many customers with a vast variety of shades. They also do a series of eyeshadow sets called “naked.” The naked palettes are colours that are much warmer and come in a different light to the average neutral tones. They come in palettes that are smokey, shimmery or bronzed.

Below I will share with you photos of the smokey evening look I created myself. I want to show that you can use heavy colours while keeping it classic and natural.


Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette

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Shades included:

Ground (metallic black w/iridescent shimmer)
Spandex (metallic deep blue w/purple shift and blue micro-sparkle)
Metalhead (metallic deep purple)
Mullet (metallic deep green)
Twisted (metallic gold)

Aluminum (metallic warm gray-taupe w/iridescent micro-sparkle)
Dive (metallic medium blue)
Punk Rock (metallic fuchsia)
Amp (metallic bright teal)
Glamrock (metallic silver)

Bass (metallic bronze)
Demo (metallic bronze-rose)
Afterparty (metallic red)
Roadie (metallic burgundy)
Scream (metallic mauve)

Glory (metallic golden bronze)
Starfire (metallic bright copper)
Angelfire (metallic pale pink)
Maiden (metallic beige)
Acoustic (metallic nude)

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Shades Used in order:

1. Scream ( base – whole lid )

2. Bass ( Inner Lid )

3. Acoustic (Mid Lid)

4. Starfire  (Outer Lid)

5. Roadie ( waterline blended along with the glide-on eye pencil in black )

6. Scream ( Inner Corner )

Talking all things brand new and exciting! Urban Decay brought out this fantastic eyeshadow palette with 20 shades. The eyeshadows are limited edition and one of a kind. Heavy metal is a palette that can create so many diverse looks. From a shimmery day look to a glam evening look. I think this palette is beautiful for huge occasions, such as New Year’s Eve. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity! Urban Decay has promoted this product being the most metallic eyeshadow palette they’ve created yet. While creating the makeup look above, I did stick to the warmer colours but if you would like to see how I use the other tones including the blues and yellow, head over to my Instagram for future updates on the palette and more creative makeup looks. FOLLOW MY LOOKS ON INSTAGRAM – DIRECT LINK

The palette slides open to a beautiful shadow tray with a mirror in the middle. It’s not the norm packaging! It’s eye-catching and practical.

All Nighter Setting Spray

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So here it is! The fantastic all nighter setting spray that keeps your high-performance makeup in place for up to 16 hours. The spray is perfect for all skin types and has the ideal temperature control leaving foundations, concealers, eyeshadows and blushers in place without leaving an oily texture to your skin or smudges. I found the spray to give my finished makeup look a smoother feel. The product is perfect to use day and night. I never needed to re-apply my makeup at all. The only thing I always find myself topping up on is my lipstick after my Starbucks! Overall the setting spray gives you a matte finish and a flawless look that’s long-lasting. The packaging as you can see is very suitable and comes in a black soft-touch bottle with a frosted cap.

When you spray the setting spray onto your face after applying your makeup, make sure to hold it at least 8″ away from your face for a lighter, more successful application. Mist the spray around 2-4 times, with eyes closed.

Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder

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If you want to look like an absolute goddess, then this illuminating bronzer highlight is for you! Talk about a GLOW UP! There are so many products out there that are too heavy and cakey. My mum always taught me less is more. That’s how I would describe this product individually, simple yet tasteful. The shimmer of the product is very subtle, yet in the light, you shine like an Egyptian goddess. You can wear it lightly or build on the powder for a stronger glow. The perfect Naked glow! The bronze looks impressive on any skin tone as it’s not harsh in colouring. My Highlight is the colour LIT. You can shop all the highlighters here.







Love Emma x


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