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I’ve recently paired up with The Diamond Store, and within this opportunity, The Diamond Company have gifted me a personal 9K White Gold Diamond initial ‘E’ pendant in which I would like to share with you. Not only are they known for the most elegant jewellery pieces, but they also source the highest quality gemstones from their experienced team of gemmologists. A lot of development has gone into this company which is why it’s such a great success. When you purchase such a classic piece of jewellery, you want to be sure you’re investing in something with quality and purity. That is something The Diamond Store never fail to deliver as they work hard to provide different customers with the highest calibre precious stones without compromising their budget.

Since its coming up to Christmas I know how many women would love to have a little sparkle in their life! I always think such a precious piece of jewellery is something that can touch a loved one’s heart. Naturally, love isn’t defined by an object, but sometimes you just want to remind someone how much you mean to them and see the happiness and excitement this brings to them. Many gifts lose their significance each day, and I always find diamonds are treasured for life. You relate every piece you ever received to a particular person, and each time you put on the piece of jewellery, you remember what that person brought to your life. The Diamond Store is here for any occasion. For weddings, birthdays, births and holidays. You name it, and they’ve got it.

The Diamond Store has a Three grade system, meaning that the diamonds have a unique character individually. This is a process to suit different customers and for purpose related reasons. The three grade systems are as following, one being Premium quality, the next being H/Si Quality and G/Vs Quality. The difference between them means The Diamond Store only chooses stones which have no visible flaws to the naked eye, are near colourless and pristine cut to highlight the brilliance of diamonds. Premium goods are of a higher than usual quality. The Diamond Store offers you the best diamond for the grade chosen.

I mentioned earlier that I received the White Gold Diamond initial ‘E’ pendant, as shown above. The pendants come in different letters, and I think this is the perfect piece for a simple gift or a birthday. White gold is such a classic piece, especially if you’re not so much a jewellery person. I find it both timeless and sophisticated. Sometimes, less is more. I have been wearing this a lot as I find it to be a lovely piece this time of year and it’s not a piece you can only wear for special occasions. I also love how lights are always reflecting the sparkles on the necklace! It always catches peoples eyes.


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