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Where do I even begin? Back in March, I emailed the CEO of Next asking if it would be possible to collaborate with the brand and promote their summer season trends across my social channels. I hadn’t heard anything for two weeks when all of a sudden I received an email from a lovely young woman who was part of the press team asking if she could add me to the Next blogger event list. I then was joined to the Next blogger network in a matter of two days. To be a part of the next blogger team was a chance to meet other bloggers and concentrate more on my writing, aside from YouTube. I knew this would open doors for me and I would be able to get my fashion posts out there to women of all shapes and sizes. Anyway, it just so happens my first ever blog post for them won blogger of the month in March 2017. I received a lot of positive feedback on that job, and I started noticing how diverse my audience was becoming and how many people had visited my blog from all over the world. Women of all shapes and sizes came to me asking for help, my dream started to become a reality. It’s essential for me to show my curves off in an active presence to be able to stand out on social media. Being a young teen, there was nobody out there who was curvy modeling classic fashion. Nobody was there to set an example for me, So I always hid away in baggy clothes because I didn’t believe my self-worth or how beautiful it was to be different. Nothing was out there to make me feel good in myself. Now I’m starting to grow into my curves more, and my style is maturing, so I think I’m in a position to be an influencer for many people out there struggling with confidence. I want to bring curvy young women out of their comfort zones but also teach them to keep it classic when it comes to carrying their curves. When people think curve they think of significant assets, but let’s be real, It’s more than that. I’m just scratching 6″ and I’m a size 18. I don’t have big assets at all yet my body is entirely in proportion. I have natural curves, my hips are curvy, and I love them. I don’t have a flat stomach, in fact when I sit down, I have rolls. I’m not fat, and my build is all woman, too much woman for any negative person to handle. It’s something we should all be very proud of, the fact someone can acknowledge they don’t need to change to be beautiful. I’m a tall, curvy, healthy young woman who stands out for being different, and I’m blessed. I wish I knew how beautiful I was when I was a young girl. Now my time is here, I’m in a position where I can help so many women out there with fashion tips and assist them to reach the self-love and appreciation I have for myself today.

Writing for Next gives me an opportunity to talk about my input on curves and how I show my curves positively wearing Next fashion.  I’m a very confident young woman, and I’m what many companies need. I say that with pure confidence because I know the change I can make in this market. Friday was my first time meeting the Next team and other bloggers who write for them. It was one of the best experiences as I learned a lot in a short period of time. This event took place at the Ace Hotel in London on the seventh-floor rooftop bar. I also had the privilege of meeting with Lily pebbles and Theannaedit, they were kind enough to do a live Q&A with all the bloggers at next. They were proof in itself if you want something, you have to fight for it. I have a passion for providing curve women with classic fashion trends, but not only curve women, all women of all shapes and sizes. Something this industry is currently missing is real people who are staying faithful to themselves. People are so caught up in themselves that nobody seems to help each other when it comes to caring for others or needing tips to succeed in a particular market. I’m a person with a HUGE heart so when it comes to helping people I have all the time in the world. Of course, at this moment in my life, my top priority is my family and me, But I’m starting to notice my circle grow very slowly.

Because my niche is very different and is not something that is out there already, I do have a difficult time getting heard when I’m on the computer. However, when I meet companies in person, BOOM. They see exactly who I am and why they need me. My involvement in this industry is slowly developing, I have many plans, and I want to get myself out there in a way where it’s my own. I want to start having more involvement with writing for magazines and eventually begin modeling for companies. Companies are currently showing two types of figures, plus size and petite. I see how most of the plus size models are always over 30 because they’ve grown into there curves. But when you look at petite models they’re forever starting off young. But what about the women in between, like myself. I have already grown into my curves, and I’m taller than most curve models out there, yet I’m 20 years of age. What we are missing in the fashion industry are young curve supermodels who can set a fantastic example for a vast audience. My involvement with Next so far is incredible, and I am incredibly grateful. However, I’m working very hard to have more participation with Next as I want to turn this into an active call.

The event space was incredibly beautiful, a rooftop bar with free drinks, food, and warm people. To watch the sunset in the evening while watching over the whole of London was an experience I will never forget. The event was tasteful and well organized, It gave bloggers a chance to socialize but also learn from workshops and celebrate the launch of the new Next website. If you haven’t already, I can only recommend you check out the new Next webpage as it has come so far throughout the years. I’m very proud to be a part of the team.

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The event also gave me access to a handful of helpful tips to grow my Instagram and to set myself a theme. The workshop above was delivered by the lovely Monica Beatrice Welburn. She gave bloggers a chance to learn how to create flat lays and also how to theme your Instagram to attract a particular audience and plan posts in advance. I realised I need to engage more with my audience on Instagram as it’s not something I have previously been doing. While it’s terrific having a theme, it’s essential I still show realness and natural photos. Outfit photos from all angles and to show my curves front, right and left so that you can see my honest curves. Considering the reason I started blogging it’s important I show you the whole of me, no holding back. I did receive a variety of beautiful gifts from next which I will be using to create my very own flat lay at home. You will find this over on my Instagram very shortly. THEEMMAREGO  I’m not going to show you the products as of yet as I’m going to create another blog post on the product itself.

As for my outfit, I was rocking Next from head to toe. For the event, we needed to be wearing next to be in with a chance of winning best outfit and an opportunity to be on the official Next page using the #nbnevent. I went for this outfit as it was a very classic look and I find wide flared trousers beautiful on curves. Camel is a lovely colour, especially when autumn hits. To break up the browns I wore the outfit with a simple white blouse. The blouse had tiny frill sleeves, and I found the short sleeve helped embraced my height. My fashion style is maturing with age, and I am a lot more confident in my curves to what I used to be.

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Circular Tote Bag

Gold Tone Pearl Effect Geometric Drop Earrings

As for the views, these pictures say it all. Enjoy…

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Thank you to the team at Next for allowing me to feel confident in my blogging skills and being able to grow as an individual while writing for Next. I love how far my blog posts seem to be going and how I seem to have opportunities thrown at me in ways I never even imagined. I feel special to have met such amazing personalities.

Love, ER x


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