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Earlier this year I had the opportunity of modeling for L’Oreal hair professional. The day was focused mainly on hair models and transformations with before and after pictures/videos. Each model was assigned to a hair salon and mine was Charles Worthington. Hair models had the opportunity to be up in L’Oreal hair salons across London, with this in mind I couldn’t turn it down as I knew the possibilities it would bring me.

Having long, thick hair, I’ve always been told I’d be a great hair model. Companies will invariably want to work with long hair as there’s so much you can do with it, regarding styling. I’ve always wanted to keep my hair long and healthy, so L’Oreal worked with this and kept my hair as natural as possible. My stylist Katie who is the director of Charles Worthington salon and a L’Oreal educator dyed my hair In a rich chocolate colour with some caramel highlights.

I came into contact with L’Oreal after I had made my self-known on my social channels, I was seeing lots of hair creators come together, and I wanted to be apart of it and model for them. I decided to comment on every single post telling people a brief description about myself and that I’d love to hair model for their company. Within a day or so I had an email from L’Oreal asking me if I could come to meet them and hair model for a particular day they had coming up. Of course, I rang my mum screaming. I was jumping up and down as this was one of the most prominent involvements I had with a company yet. I was so incredibly proud of myself, and I realised how you do get heard when you make yourself present. Being brought up in Lancashire my opportunities for the career I wanted where zilch. But I knew if I were in London, companies would understand me and want to work with me. So just from me spending an hour on Instagram promoting myself across to all hair salons, I had this one particular message from L’Oreal.

The email made me realise how I have talent in everything I do, and I just haven’t been showing it enough. The truth is when you want something that much you do everything you possibly can to form it into your life naturally. I’ve never been afraid of putting myself out there because I have a considerable level of self-respect for myself and I know I’m somebody that’s needed. So L’Oreal had seen me for exactly who I am. For a company to acknowledge a person’s talent and passion so quickly just from viewing them on their social channels is highly impressive. I’ve always carried myself professionally and purposefully for moments like that.

In the email, L’Oreal asked me to visit the Head office to get an allergy test to make sure I wouldn’t have any problems with hair dye. The company paid for my travel, and I had the opportunity of meeting with the team before the big day. They couldn’t believe how long my hair was and how tall I was! The allergy test was also successful. On this day I had a few pictures taken by a woman called Ella to send to the rest of the L’Oreal team who didn’t get to meet me that day.

A week after I received all of the information about the day and times etc. I had my travel paid for and my hotel. I was so blessed that the first company I was working with actually paid for my needs, you usually need to be hugely successful for things like that to take place. It was incredibly kind, and it proved how much they wanted to work with me. My stay was at the Novotel hotel in Hammersmith, London. One minuite away from the Head office, which was terrific as I’d never been to Hammersmith before. I had a driver everywhere I went, it was a trip to remember. It made me think back again, that one hour of promotion did this.

So the day came, and I was very excited and motivated, the hotel was such a beautiful stay and prepared me well for the next morning. I woke up to a paid breakfast which was an added gesture from L’Oreal, and It was a thoughtful act at that. The view was delightful, and I wished my family could have been there to experience it with me. I set my alarm for 6 O clock even though I was told to be there at lunchtime. I wanted to prepare myself adequately and have the right mindset for the day ahead of me. At 9:30 I received a call telling me that I needed to be there earlier as the manager Charlotte accidentally forgot to mention to me the change in time they needed me. Luckily I was awake and ready, I just had no makeup on, and my hair wasn’t precisely presentable, haha. I was informed there would be makeup artist there, so I had put my complete faith in them to look good for the day ahead of me. I was getting my hair done throughout the day, so I wasn’t worried about what it looked like when I arrived. When I came to the head office, everyone seemed to know who I was, and a lot of people were very excited to introduce themselves to me, it felt surreal. They admired my hair a lot, which was a great start to the day. As for the makeup artists, they were incredibly talented! My makeup was flawless.

The first thing I did was get my makeup done, and then I went to film the before video edit of my hair and get professional pictures taken of my before look. I later met with Katie whom I mentioned earlier, and she explained what she’d like to do with my hair, and I was pleased to go ahead with it. As the day progressed, food was being thrown at me left, right and center, I loved it haha. As for my hair, Katie needed more time to complete the finishing look, which was ultimately understandable as my hair is the real version of Rapunzel. I’d of been worried if it had been finished quickly. I had many breaks, and I got to eat as much as possible. The whole day was being filmed, and I swear every time I made an appearance I was eating. The colour then started to develop, and Katie was pleased with the result, I then was taken to the makeup station and had my makeup re-created. Only this time it was a sassy, smokey eye look. I felt like a new woman. My makeup artist had the best personality, we got along like we had known each other for years! I always love meeting people with big hearts and personalities.

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I then went on to have my finishing pictures and finished the other half of the video. I loved being on camera, and the team behind the camera complimented me on the fact I look great on video. As for the photos, it was difficult to get a variety of pictures as my hair was so thick and heavy it wouldn’t move. When your hair is so long, it doesn’t carry curls well. So the photos of before and after looked very similar the only thing different was the coloring of my hair.

I had a great day, and I really enjoyed being around such fabulous characters, I felt very special to have experienced such a memorable day. To finish the day off I got to take home a selection of products, cakes, and balloons. I wanted to show you one of the products I have been using till this day. Because I got my hair done, I received lots of hair care products to keep my hair healthy and vibrant. One of them was an oil formula, something that has really worked for me.

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Mythic Oil is an excellent product if you want to achieve a natural, glossy look. My hair had been looking very dry and needed some desperate TLC, so this is something that really solved that problem. It gives your hair a lot of nourishment, and it also has a heat protection which is perfect as I use GHD straighteners a lot. The ingredients contain argon oil and cranberry oil. Cranberry is enriched with vitamin C, and It is very well known to help damaged hair. My hair definitely wasn’t damaged, but it needed a soft touch. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, it is renowned for its deep nourishing properties.


Overall this was a great experience, and I’m thankful to have had this opportunity. It opened a lot of doors for me, and I’m grateful for the chances I receive in this industry. It’s always been important to me that companies understand me and get who I am as an individual before we go ahead and collaborate. So to the team at L’Oreal, thank you.

Love, ER x


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