You Can’t Rush Success – 5 Positive things to tell yourself

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If there’s ever a mistake I’ve made, it’s rushing in life. It takes a lot to understand the difficulties that life brings to many people, at times we become selfish with not only others but ourselves. To achieve a peaceful life is hard, primarily when people are relying on you every minute of the day. All I know is that we are living in a world full of fear, a world where everyone is so self-absorbed in what society thinks is best. We forget to feel real emotion, which leaves us struggling to be ourselves. We spend so much time trying to fit into something that’s only going to make us unhappy. We catch ourselves rushing in life because we’re too afraid to reach out of our comfort and take time to grow gradually and peacefully, we don’t believe we can handle hard work. Therefore before we even try, we tell ourselves we can’t.

With modern-day technology and how drastically this generation has changed, everything seems to be out of our hands, from work to social life. We forget that the world is its creation just like we as humans are, we are the ones in charge of what tomorrow brings not social news. Success comes from pure hard work, If you cheat your way out, I promise you, you and your income will fall hard to the floor years down the line. Never have in your head that success is going to change your life, what changes your life is the journey to success. The friendships you will make, the intelligence you gain, the knowledge that you will teach your children and the pure love you will have for the genuine people around you, the ones that stayed with you on your journey.

I don’t believe in the discourage adults bring to young teens in this generation, and I certainly won’t teach that to my children. I recall every person who ever reached success, started with nothing. Money isn’t everything, but somehow people with money believe it is. For sure, it can buy you a house, a car, but underneath that is an insecure, lonely person. However, if you earn success while taking the correct route, you find money is never a problem as people don’t look for you to receive money, they’re by your side because they know what your heart has to offer.

Success is all down to you, if you look for success in the dictionary, you will see its an accomplishment. To accomplish something means a good result, always be open to learning new things, allow friendships in on your journey and if some are to part, let them. Don’t attract drama, and certainly don’t use people but at the same time never rely on people when it comes to YOUR talent. Always go into something with good intentions, because at the end of the day it’s still important to help one another in life. And you never know, someone you can help today who can’t give anything back to you, may provide you with something more significant in the future. Respect everyone, not to look good, but to understand that we are real people, even if some don’t show it. If someone takes time to comment on your life and has walked away from their day to call you, remember it’s just a reason to carry on, they’re the ones who are hurting, not you.

If you’re reading this and you’re so obsessed with success so much so that you’re losing who you are and you see that there’s nobody there who cares for you, then stop what you’re doing. Because it isn’t a success, its failure. People are laughing because they’re pushing you to fail, if you don’t care about you, then why should the rest of the world.

If someone gave you a million pounds in your bank account right now, you’d think HOLY CRAP. But the truth is, to be so young and to have everything, it’s just not right. You’re suddenly able to have everything you want without learning how to have it. The problem we all have in life is that we wait, we wait for a new day, a new body, a new hairstyle, a new week, little do we know none of those things are going to be by our side when we’re older. I don’t want a life like this, and I’ve always known that. I’ve never fitted in, and I’ve known there’s something special about my family and me. The money will not get you there, so before you start thinking of ways to get stupid amounts of money, stop. Look at Alan Sugar, he began selling radio aerials for cars and other electrical goods out of a van which he had bought for £50 and insured for £8. To afford this, he withdrew all of his postal savings which totaled just £100. He is now a wealthy man, but he’s sensible. If you’ve ever watched the apprentice, you’ll understand it’s a British reality game show where aspiring business people compete against each other in business-related challenges to win a prize offered by Lord sugar and to become his former apprentice. But since the seventh series, the title is a £250,000 investment towards a business of the candidate’s creation, with Sugar as a 50% owner. You will see how Lord sugar can get annoyed at a lot of those aspiring business people on television, and you can also see how everyone can never seem to handle his strong personality. I’m not saying Lord sugar is the best businessman in the world, but he’s certainly doing something right. I respect him for who he is, a lot of people despise him because he’s not someone you want to mess with in the sense if you are not hard-working, he probably won’t want to know.  But let me tell you something, he’s not judging anyone, he started from something so small, that’s why his life is now so big. What he is seeing is a bunch of young aspiring business people who just want to go straight to the money. He hasn’t got time for that. His interests are to invest in someone with a gift, someone who knows they can make it without Lord sugar. Someone who has a business idea that is compact with creative ideas, someone who knows hard work and is willing to learn in life, not cut straight to the big picture. To understand the route a plan needs to take before it reaches success. That’s exactly how I look at life.

I’m here today to teach you five ways on how to reach success and start doing something you’ve never done before.

  1. Stop concentrating on motivation. Show yourself and the people around you commitment. Even if sometimes it gets hard or you’re tired, just remember there’s no future if you quit.
  2. Take in everything around you. While carrying your dream hold on to the fact that you’re not there yet, you need to start living to get to where you want to be.
  3. Give yourself a reason to get up in the morning. Mine would be to hop on a train and to show everyone in London who Emma Rego is. People need you, but how are they going to see you if you’re not out there.
  4. Stop comforting yourself. Don’t be kind to yourself in a sense you’re telling yourself it’s okay to not go to work today. Work your ass off and stop being lazy, teach yourself tough love.
  5. More imagination. Be more creative in life, if you’re unhappy with what you’re currently doing, change it. That dream you had before anyone told you that you couldn’t do it, do it.

Remember there’s someone out there on their deathbed wishing they could do what we can today, I would hate to see a wasted life. I hope you come away from this knowing how powerful you are and if you listen to yourself positively, you’ll reach success. Success is different for many people, from the smallest achievement to the biggest. Just remember the few that made it, made it because they never listened to those who told them they couldn’t. Those people who said they couldn’t do it are probably working for them today. Choose your life carefully, let people in, stop hating, just love and understand that you’re strong enough to not let yourself down in life.

Love Emma x


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