How to look trendy this fall | Autumn essentials you NEED to know

My favourite time of year is finally here, time to get those hot chocolate mugs out and the cosy jumpers. There’s something about autumn that gives me a warm feeling, and I think that mostly comes from me admiring fall fashion. When it comes to styling fashion, I’ve got your back, from your typical everyday outfits to new years eve. While styling exquisite, elegant evening looks, I also like to show diversity in my style and demonstrate how you can accessorise the simplest things to recreate a cosy, trendy outfit.

When it comes to fall we think of Halloween and warm, orange tones. Designers will then start to bring that into new season fashion trends, and you find in shop windows they start bringing out clothes in orangey, tan colours. With any simple outfit, you can accessorise it with a robust, bold colour and It will change your attire in seconds. That’s precisely why I love this time of year. The fashion is effortless to style.

Outfit 1

Outfit 1 is my favourite, wearing a wool blend oversized jumper against a khaki military styled coat with gold buttons. Khaki is a great colour to work with during fall season. Working with the oatmeal coloured jumper and khaki jacket, I have styled it with a thick, long scarf using the same colour tones in a check contrast. One thing you should keep in mind while styling outfits with scarves in autumn are to search for the thick scarves. Any thin scarf with a fall outfit won’t accentuate the outfit and finish it off nicely. The coat will most likely take over the scarf, where the scarf will then become meaningless.

I Love the colour oatmeal when it comes to garments, I find it easy to style. To bring the grain colour palette to life, even more, you want to style it with a light wash pair of jeans, something that’s not going to be the same colour tone as the coat. If I were to style this outfit with dark jeans, you wouldn’t be able to see the definition of my figure or where the jacket hemline finishes. Wearing light jeans shows the length of the coat nicely and compliments the khaki colour. Oversized jumpers are also fantastic with a classic high knee boot. A lot of tall knee boots can be outdated, so I’m going to give you a little hint on how to find that perfect pair. While searching for knee-high boots, stick with three of the following words:

  • wooden heel
  • classic
  • tan

These three words are crucial if you want to look good this fall. Never go with a heel that has embellishments on or added material such as velvet. It’s incredibly outdated, and it can ruin an outfit in seconds! (THE FASHION POLICE TALKING) The shoes I am wearing are real suede, and they have a solid light coloured wooden heel. Always get a contrasting heel. To have a black high knee boot with a black heel is also extremely outdated. A large, breathable, stylish coat is perfect over an oversized jumper as the jumper fills it out correctly. Sometimes big jackets look slightly dull with a washed out, thin top underneath.

Now you have learnt some new styling tips from this outfit here are some fall essentials you should remember for your upcoming autumn shop:

  • Light Wash Jeans
  • Khaki Coat
  • Oversized jumpers – Oatmeal/Beige/cream/Light Grey
  • Thick wool scarves – Most recommended place ZARA SCARVES – WEBSITE LINK
  •  Tan knee high boots

Outfit 2

The second outfit is effortless, As you can see the accessory that brings this outfit to life are the burnt out orange Kurt Geiger knee-high boots. What I love about these shoes is the dark wooden heel. The most comfortable knee-high boot is definitely in a suede material. They are more roomy and breathable, especially for you girls out there with thick calfs.

A turtle kneck is something I love to style but only when it is stretchy and breathable around the neck. I am too curvy to be walking around in a tight little turtle kneck top that suffocates me! I’ve tried it, and I hated it. I need to feel comfy in my style, and I think that’s important for you to hear too. Some fashionistas only wear clothes to promote them across to companies, and I think it’s important while you’re a blogger to remain real and progress in your own unique style. That’s why I’m not mentioning brands so much in this post. It’s more so you genuinely feel comfortable in fall fashion. So my recommendation would be to wear jumpers you as an individual feel comfortable in.

Against the cream jumper, I have styled it with a cream waistcoat. I usually am not a massive fan on waistcoats if anything I think they sometimes look bland, and it can be a problematic garment to style. But when it comes to a waistcoat that is unique and has an expensive feel, I find it amazing to work with. I styled the same colour together on the top half because the light colours work against each other repeatedly well, it created a look of a contrasted coat. Coat in the same colour but different fabrics in some locations. A lot of designer stores add this to winter collections, so this is an excellent idea to do for yourself this Autumn. I do find Waistcoats incredibly beautiful but usually when they are priced over £100. They last a lot longer, and the price is right for value. A lot of Faux Fur jackets in retail stores selling at £39.99/average don’t last minutes in cold weather.

To go with this outfit, I have thrown on an essential black pair of jeggings. Something incredibly accessible and affordable. On an everyday basis, I’m not someone who would go straight for the black jeans. I like bright things that make me feel confident. I find black a colour most people go to, to cover up. I mean don’t get me wrong it looks fantastic now and then, but to wear it again and again, It can make you feel dull.

Here are some things to add to your wardrobe this Autumn:

  • Black basic pair of jeans
  • Waistcoat
  • Turtleneck jumpers

Outfit 3

Untitled design-30

Outfit 3 is a little more glamorous. It’s more of a lunch date outfit with your girls. Ripped jeans aren’t always a trend everyone admires as it can also look outdated. The only cut jean I will ever swear by is a light wash pair or a light bleached grey. It’s the best colour to work with. You can add garments to distract the whole piece being focused on just the ripped jeans. These jeans also have a frayed effect at the bottom. They are incredibly flattering against my curves as they are high waisted jeans. High waisted jeans are perfect if you want to define your curves rather than hide them.

I am wearing a white bodysuit as you can never go wrong with white styled against a light blue jean. White is such a pure colour, and I love to style it. At this point I didn’t want to style a glamorous outfit with a cleavage bodysuit, I wanted it to remain classic. To bring the whole outfit to life, I added a beige midi coat and some matching lace-up heels with an autumnal purple nail polish.

A tailored beige midi coat is something I would invest in as it is one of those coats you can just throw over a light top without it looking dull. The beige coat is more conservative and also not as thick as the military style coat I showed earlier. Overall this outfit is very neutral yet classic.

Here are some things to add to your wardrobe this Autumn:

  • Light pair of ripped knee jeans
  • beige tailored coat/jacket
  • A go-to pair of heels

Outfit 4

Untitled design-28

Outfit 4 is exceptionally snug. The main look of this outfit is more focused on Oversized coats rather than the outfit itself. Firstly, underneath I have some comfy, thick leggings which are out every Autumn/Winter at H&M, they are NOT see through at all. I NEVER wear leggings because of how thin and washed out they can be, but I have to give it to H&M for the thick leggings! A season must have. I’m also wearing the same jumper as I’ve shown you in the second outfit, I suppose you can see how it can be styled differently.

I am a very tall woman so I can pull off long maxi coats very effortlessly. However, because I am tall and curvy, It’s essential the long coats I wear have a shape to them, a certain thickness where the coat flatters my curves rather than slouches. I have occasionally made the mistake of buying a thin, long coat that has just looked like a silk dressing gown on me. It has had no shape to it whatsoever, from this I learned that it’s crucial I get either thick coats that are reasonably substantial or tailored. Now and then I will go into a store and see that one individual coat I adore. On tall women Long coats are a season must have because of how classic and sophisticated they look. It’s also a very iconic look, and it’s very underestimated. When you walk into a store these days, you always see short coats and its only as I said before on the odd occasion I find a long, affordable coat. It’s a look I would recommend to a lot of tall women trying to figure out their style this fall.

Here are some things to add to your wardrobe this Autumn:

  • Black thick (H&M) Leggings
  • Long Maxi coat

Outfit 5

Untitled design-29

Last but not least, suede on suede. This coat is the perfect look for Autumn. The burnt orange/tan colour is impressive, especially paired with a matching pair of brown boots. I wanted to break this outfit up with a blue jean. Black would have been to light, and straightforward wash wouldn’t have matched as well. The look is very focused on suede. The thing is with suede it not only looks good, it feels fantastic. They do say wear suede in dry weather, so a cold autumnal day is acceptable as long as you check the forecast and you know it’s not going to pour it down all day. Leather and suede is a fantastic look in autumn, and with suede, you can be more outrageous and play with it, throw in some extreme bold colours. Suede against suede can sometimes look too much. However, because I have styled the outfit as an everyday look, it seems more casual, rather than extreme.

Here are some things to add to your wardrobe this Autumn:

  • Suede coat ( ANY COLOUR ) I have seen supermodels wear green, and red suede as a jacket and It actually looks fantastic.
  • Blue jeans

Now you are ready to go and hit the shops and buy all of your favourite looks. It’s your turn to show me how you style your Autumn looks.

Using the hashtag #stylewithemma on all social media channels, I want to see YOUR outfits.

Love, ER x


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